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The curse of the Pharaohs .. Fact or Fiction?

The obsession with the acquisition of the Ancient Egyptian monuments .. By purchase or theft, followed by a lot of stories about evil spirits and bad luck and pessimism .. And all were of a fertile imagination of novelists and filmmakers.
First incident was linked to the ancient curse in 1699 when he bought one of the European merchants of the two Egyptian mummies, and carrying with him in the ship to Europe and the Mediterranean Sea flooded a severe storm hit the ship and most of them finished the merchant that the cause of the distress suffered by the ship, which is Moumiaotan Almbartan Astdata life of volatile ship.
This story was inspired by the imagination of the French writer, "Lewis Bnxie" is a fictional story on the oldest Egyptian mummies. As of 1856 was followed the stories which made the heroes and the Egyptian mummies on and they left for us? Ambiguous.
Among the most famous stories, however, unrealistic to attempt to justify the sinking of the famous ship Titanic in 1921 the existence of an Egyptian mummy at the time of drowning surface, the same as the mummy in the British Museum, No. 22542, but stressed that the health of Canadians this legend. It is strange that the landing is not mummy and the mummy of the body and the cover is colored wooden coffin was a priestess of the shorter name is not known due to the atheist tenth century BC, and some Britons are afraid of touching the cover or to approach him for fear of the curse and bad luck.

Tobat curse There is the so-called "Tobat curse", which also aims to protect the cemetery, which is about four blocks from the brick be placed above the cemetery, statues of the perception in the development of Osire any cross arms on the chest, a situation common for the god "Osores" stereotypes and distributed to the four corners of The burial chamber was found in a cemetery on the equivalent Priestess doctor "Hnot hailed the" template and each record the following: "You are what have come to steal will not allow you to steal I am the protector of the late Hnot hailed the", and it seems that the misunderstanding of the text is inspired by the novel and film these ideas, did not curse at the ancient texts only to frighten the thieves.
The days pass, and in the twentieth century was "Howard Carter" with the support of the Lord "Karnarvon" ... He discovered a cemetery, "Tutankhamun" in 3000 after his death ... And after that continued to search 5 years to discover the whereabouts of the tomb of the King ... But what happened to him, and those who helped in the discovery of the tomb? Is it really the curse of the Pharaohs?
Nebtedy Menen El Emien story?
Started rumors about the curse of the Pharaohs after the transfer of all the contents of the tomb to the Cairo Museum, where I think most people, including archaeologists who participated in the discovery that the priests of the ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt has been poured for Anthm any person who attempts to transfer these effects of place, and the reason for this belief is a severe sand storm arose on the very tomb of Tutankhamen in the day of the year 1922, and then spotted hawk flying over the area at the same time for the opening of the tomb, and the Falcon is one of the sacred symbols of the pharaohs.
After 5 days of the opening of the tomb of the Lord has Baawwadp "Karnarvon" as he was returning from his tomb in the sting became flared and died, "Karnarvon" at Cairo, and Cairo was cut off electricity to all of the unexplained at the moment of his death.
In ten years, died about twenty people who participated in the opening of the cemetery and most of them died a natural way Kaljnon or suicide.
In 1966 a request from one of the inspectors to send a certain Egyptian treasures from the tomb to Paris to offer dream that something terrible would happen if the left go.
Try to stop that process, but to no avail, and after the last meeting of his request was rejected by the Inspector walked to his home Vdhusth a car and died.

But Despite all these incidents, however, the main person responsible for the opening of the tomb, a "Carter" ... Did anything happen to him strange, as he lived to be 66 years old and then died a natural death.
As well as one person slept in the Egyptian tomb of the night away in order to detect any Intruded did anything happen to him.
Is there actually such thing as the curse of the Pharaohs or is it just the imagination of some of the scholars?
Where the truth?
Everyone knows that the ancient Egyptians had reached a high level of quality in the science of chemistry, medicine, surgery, pharmacy, and the nature of biological materials, engineering, astronomy, mathematics and languages, and other advanced science. But they had reached a scientific secrets and trying to remain behind in all the scientific community, such as knowledge of the secrets of embalming and preservation of materials and others. For example .. Few people who know that the ancient Egyptians came to the attention of electroplating and the manufacture of batteries and the liquid used in the painting Mchgullachm gold and silver jewelery and their jewelry and various types of electrical metallic paint! As used in the coating layer of copper thick plates of gold to reflect the sunlight from some venture Obelisks architectural installations and other .. The result of all this dramatic progress in the science of chemistry.
Chemistry is the ancient Egyptians were able to develop the types of highly lethal toxins .. Whether the toxins of animal origin, such as poisons snakes, scorpions, insects and poisonous reptiles .. Or the same source of plant toxins such as toxic herbs .. Or incendiary material or acid-producing material or gas or the oxygen absorbent, or radiological material or high concentration of phosphorus derived from certain animals or fish or minerals. Therefore, it may be the secret of those incidents is the Quran is a science of the ancient Egyptians have not been able to detect most of so far, such as:
Aware of the embalming is an ideal model for the application of science that some of the secrets of ancient Egyptian .. Embalming and the meaning of the word must be to kill all organisms and microbes and bacteria inside the mummy inside the coffin and then the conservation within the burial chamber itself, which is managed by the ancient Egyptians .. This does not only come full Baltajafiv burning any amount of oxygen if it is a very small inside the coffin. Ancient Egyptians used for this purpose, chemical and gas products and the very development of radiation, although derived from environmental sources of simple and well-known, which is what we now call science or technology, technology!
The most famous incidents of the curse of the Pharaohs registered and documented scientifically accurate and associated Balthanit, is what has happened in about the mid-sixties of the last century, when Russian intelligence group of scientists commissioned by the Russian military to open some of the ancient Egyptian coffins, which did not open before, which was discovered in the vicinity of the Giza Pyramids area strongly them to contain the bodies and the bodies of astronauts or cosmonauts landed to Earth in ancient times was Thanithm posthumously.
The Russian scientists, using some of their officers and their soldiers to open the first coffin burial deep within the Conference of the inability of cranes down the narrow corridors to the ground and under the weight of these coffins, some of which reach to tens of tons .. The big surprise when he lost all presence and awareness within the burial chamber with Abik and distress, prompting some Russian intelligence officers to use some of their experts in chemical warfare, who rushed into the room wearing suits and masks and protective radiation and gases, the injured were taken to hospitals in poor condition and deteriorating very was unaccounted for after that!

After that Russian scientists decided to replicate the experience in a coffin, another taking all necessary precautions for the prevention of radiation and gas processing equipment in a very scientific progress and to measure levels of radiation imaging and gases emitted from the coffin .. The second surprise was when .. Painted .. And registered .. X-ray, infrared and Geiger counters and other instrumentation and sophisticated gas emission radiation and heat as soon as the coffin of a strong opening to the extent that scientists retreated back strongly despite wearing heavy protective clothing, has been recording all this in a documentary broadcast parts of it a small world in some satellite channels.
This is in addition to the fact that some scientists and doctors who issued the Egyptians and published research in the past century, stating they had some heavy radiation emitted from some of the ancient Egyptian mummies, stuffed with different levels of distress .. But not all of them.
This gives us the idea that this must be the radiation was very strong and deadly when they opened the coffins for the first time in ages past, and that he should not have been incidents of death or serious illness for many people who open these coffins for the first time, unaware of the nature of the radiation and non-taking of any preventive precautions as we have seen in the first Russian experience!
I realize some people from here that there is a real curse of the Pharaohs, it was reported moving through the repeated over time.
Ancient Egyptians succeeded in the production of some types of toxins fast and highly lethal force .. For example, we find that the poison had been found alive Egyptian al-Tarisha can kill a great man in five seconds at the most .. And scolded him and one of the live cobra poison can kill a lion extremely strong over fifteen seconds! They recall in some implied that they were able to extract toxins such snakes as well as the highly lethal toxins from scorpions and other poisonous insects, and plants .. There is no doubt that they were able to employ these toxins in the prevention of jewels and property stored in their graves, resulting in the deaths of many of the graves of the robbers in ancient times, which extends for more than ten thousand years! Here we also find that the talk of the curse of the Pharaohs, and it must be based on the specific facts occurred to many persons, but are not documented or documented scientifically accurate.

In Europe .. For example .... We find that there are hundreds of cases where non-registered owners of the disposal of their antiques and jewelry for sale to the Egyptian Pharaonic specialized museums after it was discovered to cause skin diseases and severe infections as well as causing other mysterious incidents lead to death, sometimes without a logical reason! And found everyone that the best way to keep all these objects are either stored in special rooms or conservation within glass cabinets for display only, but not for the purpose of use!
The notion of "curse" has turned in the minds of people and in the writings of many of the very fertile and interesting tales of the exotic and even "frightening" and of course this could be due to rights of ways to love the unknown with fear, and may be of the magnitude of the achievements of ancient Egyptian civilization, which is still mystified by magic and ambiguity. Pharaonic Valnp combine the facts of it are the root causes of interpretation and imagination, rich and popular drama.
Some of the phenomena that still raises question marks, we may find its answer in the future, may find this answer our children or grandchildren .. May not find one ... Who knows?!

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